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Do you ever ask, Why do we use money or Why is Bank Owned Life Insurance on the Rise? The Lara Murphy Financial Reports detail and answer these questions and others like How do Mutual Funding companies really Work?

Possibilities are Infinite? The Infinite Banking Concept was born to society with scholar evidence and research. Much of this evidence is based on research detailed in the Lara Murphy Reports

Curious? Why be your own Banker, how and is it possible? We are eager to help you Be Your Own Banker. If you are not clear on Why this is such a great plan please investigate the Lara Murphy Reports click to read more

Another Common Misconception is the fact that the Federal Reserve is a government agency when in fact it is privately owned. Is a private institution going to pay you money in the event of a crisis? click to read more

Welcome to Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC. Our Founder, Vance Lowe, is a firm believer in Being your Own Banker and the concepts of Infinite Banking. What does that mean exactly and is this a solid step for your financial advantage? Our Financial Advisor Team understands that each individual has different priorities and life obstacles but if you want to stop being Dependant on others to manage your money then we advise you to Be Your Own Banker.

How? You probably want to know and we are eager to walk you through the steps and get you started at no cost. To answer the question directly is difficult because finances vary, but in general, the concept is related to a Secure Life Insurance similar to what our ancestors used. You still make payments just like, for example, a mortgage or car but you reapt the benefits of your interest. It is understood with todays rhetoric of spam and nonsense to be uncertain so we invite you to contact us and or review the instructions below. The concept of Securely being in Control of your Own Money is by far something that everybody wants.

Be your own banker for Individuals
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Financial Advisor | Arlington, Fort Worth | Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC |

Be your own banker for financial advisors
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Financial Advisor | Arlington, Fort Worth | Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC |
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