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Banking is a Process - not a product! Time after Time a great opportunity or an undefeatable program presents itself, such as Social Security and then surprise the balloon deflates and we are back to the basics.

Infinite Banking Concepts can guide you to be an independent banker. Be in control of your money.

ARS, LLC and Infinite Banking resources and videos.

The Infinite Banking Concept is not a bank; it is a thought process that represents a major paradigm shift. -NELSON NASH

You may ask, Being your Own Banker and the concepts of Infinite Banking is a great idea BUT is it practical for my lifestyle? We can not answer that question but give you the resources to investigate what works. What does Infinite Banking mean exactly and is this a solid step for your financial advantage? Our Financial Advisor Team understands that each individual has different priorities and life obstacles but if you want to stop being Dependant on others to manage your money then we advise you to Be Your Own Banker.

We have provided several resources including recommended Books, Videos, Articles and Audio Feeds. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact an ARS financial advisor.

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Below is a chart expressing the advantages of Infinite Banking vs Traditional Banking

The Chart titled Bank Loan for a Car Lease is based on the terms below;
1) 44yr time period with a new car every 4 years.
2) Traditional bank financing and IBC financing will be at 8%
3) 5% rate of return
4) Residual value on leases will be 35% of actual value
5) Residual value will allow the same amount financed ($40,000) each time with traditional bank finance and IBC
6) Your annual payment, bank financing, and IBC System equals $12,077.00

-8% Interest Rate, 48 month loan
-Financed $40,000 each time at $1,007.00 monthly payments
-5% rate of return

TOTAL CASH PAID for the Lease of the Cars= $531,388
Opportunity Cost= $1,385,234
TOTAL COST= $1,916,622

Bank Loan for a Car Lease

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by Dr. Thomas McFie