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Vance Lowe is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC

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Vance Lowe
Private Banking Advisor
Phone: 817-200-4777

Vance D. Lowe is the founder of Advanced Retirement Strategies in Arlington, Texas. He has extensive knowledge in the financial arena. He started his financial career in 1974 after attending Brigham Young University. Vance later created and was co-founder of Advanced Financial Planning in 1992 and is currently the CEO of Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC, Private Family Banking and AFP Holdings, LP.

Today they service both the average individual and some of the top small business leaders from a variety of industries and professions. Much of the success of Advanced Retirement Strategies is due to the keen financial insight that Vance Lowe has developed.

He must be considered a success in the financial arena, not because of the money he has made for himself, but because of the dreams he has helped his clients achieve. Using his concepts and financial strategies, he has provided countless homes for families, numerous college educations for children, much better retirement living and more wealth passed to survivors for their continuing lives. It is virtually impossible to explain how much good his financial insights and counseling have done.

Naturally, Vance Lowe possesses all the required certification and training one would expect from a leader in a particular industry. Among the numerous accreditations and honors he has received are:

Chartered Financial Consultant
Registered Financial Consultant
Chartered Life Underwriter

National leader in developing banks for small business and individuals through Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)
Top Performance Awards from numerous Financial Institutions for many years running.
While the above are important to consider when selecting a financial advisor, it really provides only the minimum standards of professionalism. What makes a financial planner great is what truly guides him in all his dealings with clients. This area is what sets Vance Lowe apart from the rest of the pack. It started in his upbringing and is so much a part of him that he can do nothing else but follow his principles.

Vance Lowe grew up in a working class section of Pleasant Grove, Utah. He learned from his father that nobody owed him a living. He must work for his rewards in life. And he did work at whatever he tried. He loves archery and competes in local, state and national archery tournament competition and has recently won the state and regional championships in his age group and division. He went into the military after graduating High School and then served a two year mission in England for his church. It was after returning home from England that he met his wife and married her. They had four children and now have ten grandchildren.

As Vance matured through his career he realized there was an area in financial services that wasn’t being used to its maximum potential. Vance has shown his clients how to become their own Private banker so they aren’t a slave to conventional banks. The winners are his clients while the losers are the financial institutions that seek to have people deposit large sums for extended periods.

One final aspect of Vance Lowe must be told. Vance is a committed Christian and fully active in his church and community. He is not satisfied with merely attending Church, but feels strongly that all his actions and those of his company are consistent with his spiritual beliefs. That strong guiding light is another assurance that his professional actions will place the client first.