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The Infinite Banking Concept is not a bank; it is a thought process that represents a major paradigm shift. -NELSON NASH

Our vision is a free society characterized by creative privatized banking solutions independent of government intervention.
We recognize that true freedom incorporates financial freedom.

Advocates to form a privatized “banking” for the public relying on Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This alternative financial strategy is superior in several dimensions when compared to traditional government-qualified plans.

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We teach the public how to use Permanent Whole Life Insurance as the cash-flow management vehicle for implementing Infinite Banking. Our IBC Practitioner’s Program trains financial services professionals—including life insurance agents but also CPAs and attorneys—on how to properly structure whole life insurance policies as “banking” polices for their clients.
We are proponents of whole life insurance and believe we fill an important role in training financial professionals in the structure and design of this complex instrument. This training serves our overarching mission to educate and inspire the public on the personal and social benefits of IBC.
We endeavor to educate the American consumer in an age-old, practical financial philosophy, with the help of an educated financial services industry, in order to promote free enterprise through the practice of privatized banking by use of properly structured dividend-paying whole life insurance. We believe that this process will create a true savings and banking vehicle that will help enable the consumer to control their financial environment.

We are the administrators of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Practitioner’s Program.

We are not a Multi-Level-Marketing Organization

We are consumer advocates for privatized or infinite banking.

We are not an IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization)

We are not a Multi-Level-Marketing Organization

Becoming Your Own Banker suggested by Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC

Advanced Retirement Strategies, LLC highly suggest the road to understanding the Infinite Banking Concept is to read Becoming Your Own Banker.


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